Grants Awarded from the Reformulated Gasoline Settlement Fund

  • Balance Foundation (California Fast Charge Project) ($615,800) to (a) develop and deploy model ordinances and guidelines to reduce the cost of installing residential electric vehicle chargers and (b) develop and deploy streamlined electric vehicle permitting processes for use by local building departments and inspectors in the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California.
  • Bay Area Clean Air Foundation (Urban Mobility Solution: Long Range Plug-In Hybrids) ($546,097) to (a) convert 10 hybrid electric vehicles to plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (b) deploy them as part of City CarShare’s fleet to promote car sharing in the Bay Area, (c) evaluate deployment of plug-in electric vehicles and develop best practices for car sharing fleets.
  • California Center for Sustainable Energy (Alternate Fuel and Clean Vehicle Rebate Program) ($923,442) to (a) implement a vehicle rebate program to replace approximately 200 shuttles, taxis, and door-to-door vans serving the San Diego Airport with alternative fuel vehicles, (b) provide basic technical training to fleet managers on natural gas, hybrid and electric vehicles, and (c) coordinate local governments in planning and deployment of alternative fuel infrastructure.
  • Center for Community and Environmental Justice (Air Filtration and Community Education Outreach Program) ($1,000,000) to install and maintain high-performance air filtration systems in four schools and one community center in areas heavily impacted by diesel emissions from rail yards and trucks in San Bernardino and Riverside counties.
  • Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technology (California Advanced Vehicle and Infrastructure Project) ($377,225) to convene and facilitate collaborative stakeholder processes to address the logistical and systems barriers to the deployment of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in California.
  • East Bay Clean Cities Coalition (Altamont Biomethane Fueling Station) ($500,000) to construct a Biomethane Fueling Station at the Altamont Landfill to fuel heavy-duty trucks with Compressed Natural Gas.
  • Mothers of East Los Angeles (MELA Air Filtration Implementation) ($950,000) to install high-performance air filtration systems in six inner city schools located close to congested freeways in East LA.
  • Southern California Regional Transit Training Consortium (Gasoline Hybrid Electric & Plug-in Electric Training) ($675,675) to develop curricula and train mechanics on how to maintain electric gas hybrid buses in transit fleets in Southern California.
  • Uncommon Good (Greenspace) ($836,406) to create a Superadobe building called Greenspace to be a model on how to eliminate carbon emissions from buildings, achieve a zero carbon footprint for their operation, and a near zero carbon footprint for construction. The new building will be used as their headquarters and an environmental education center.