Grants to Promote Awareness, Training, and Education Related to Technology Employment in California

The deadline for grant applications was June 10, 2015.

On April 2, 2015, Harry Snyder was engaged by the Office of the California Attorney General to design and administer a targeted competitive grants program in excess of $900,000 under the eBay Settlement Agreement Cy Pres Fund.

The eBay Settlement Fund

The eBay Settlement Fund is the result of a Settlement Agreement (“Settlement Agreement”) made on May, 2014 by and between eBay Inc. (“eBay”) and the Attorney General of California (“Attorney General”), on behalf of the State of California and as parens patriae on behalf of natural persons who are residing in or have resided in California since January 1, 2005 (collectively, the “State”).

The State prosecuted State of California v. eBay Inc., Case No. CV12-5874-EJD-PSG (N.D. Cal.) (the “Action”) alleging that eBay participated in an agreement in violation of Section One of the Sherman Act, the Cartwright Act, and California’s Unfair Competition Law, and the State of California and eBay, by their respective attorneys, have consented to the Settlement Agreement without trial or adjudication of any additional issues of fact or law.

As part of the settlement, the parties agreed any amount remaining in the Settlement Fund after the claims of natural persons are redeemed within the time period approved by the Court, will be distributed by the State for cy pres purposes to one or more charitable organizations, pursuant to California Business and Professions Code Section 16760(e)(1), for purposes relating to employment in the technology industry in California (each, a “Cy Pres Recipient”). As a condition to receiving any payment under this section, each Cy Pres Recipient shall agree to devote the funds to promote public awareness and education, or other similar initiatives related to employment.

Grants will be awarded following an application, due diligence and court approval process.

Applications are no longer being accepted.