Grants Awarded From Salton Settlement Fund

  • California School Boards Foundation / California School Boards Association($95,000) to inform school board members and county superintendents about the need for district-wide policies that will improve nutrition in schools and provide technical assistance to school board members and superintendents in developing and implementing such policies.
  • City & County of San Francisco Department of the Environment ($150,000) to organize and operate a pilot farmers’ market in the Bayview/Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco.
  • Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles ($98,000) to improve the fitness and nutrition of overweight or obese children by expanding its Kids N Fitness Program to South Central and East Los Angeles.
  • Congress of California Seniors Education and Research Fund ($88,000) to conduct an education program to educate mid-life and senior women in California about necessary precautions to take when undertaking a new dietary regime or using nutritional or dietary supplements.
  • Latino Health Access ($75,000) to increase access to exercise and physical activity for low-income children in Santa Ana, California.
  • Public Media Center ($112,000) to conduct a consumer education campaign focused on teen obesity targeting 600 high school journalism programs and newspapers published by high school students.
  • University of California, Davis ($75,000) to conduct a telemedicine-based obesity prevention project for children living on the Hoopa, Round Valley and Feather River Reservation.
  • Tulare County Health and Human Services Agency ($100,000) to develop a community-designed action plan to improve nutrition and physical activity habits of children living in low-income communities in Tulare County.
  • Venice Family Clinic ($105,000) to improve the delivery of obesity prevention services to low income children in West Los Angeles County through improved screening, tracking, education and referral of pediatric patients who are at risk and to work with local agencies to increase access to physical activities.