Round 3 Grants

Scientific and Medical Research

  • University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine ($708,750) over three years to investigate whether certain vitamin-dependent biochemical reactions provide new insights into the use of anti-estrogen and anti-androgen therapy in cancers and to define the role of certain specific regulatory molecules involved in physiological functions involving vitamin A and vitamin D that have to do with gene expression.
  • University of California, Davis, Department of Nutrition ($5,006,903) over four years to establish a Center for Health and Nutrition Research to examine the roles of California fruits, vegetables and nuts and their roles in providing vitamins and other phytochemicals that lower the risks of chronic disease. The following grants to be conducted under the auspices of the Center:
    • Loma Linda University, Department of Nutrition ($71,467) to study the effects of almonds on cardiovascular disease prevention;
    • Loma Linda University, Department of Nutrition ($809,004) to study effects of walnuts and fish on selected risk factors for coronary heart disease;
    • University of California, Davis, Department of Nutrition ($569,168) to study reproductive, metabolic and genetic consequences of flavonoid-rich diets during pregnancy.